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EdFirstSC Supports Berkeley County School Improvement Referendum

on Fri, 08/03/2012 - 23:33

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Like many South Carolina districts, Berkeley County has experienced explosive growth over the last decade.   Current facilities are aging, and were never meant to accomodate the number of students they now serve

What would your house feel like with 1,000 extra kids in it?  That's how many new kids Berkeley County has this year.

That number gets bigger every year.  Our schools are bursting at the seams.  As our community grows and our economy becomes stronger, our schools need to keep pace.

Voting "Yes" on the School Improvement Referendum will move thousands of kids out of trailers and into classrooms.  It will build five new schools, and renovate 29 others. 

Right now, we have row upon row of trailers.  Class attendance drops when it rains.  We have overcrowded classrooms because there is nowhere to put another teacher.  Some teachers cart their supplies from room-to-room throughout the day.  Students at Goose Creek High School walk single-file down the hallway...because their school was designed for elementary students.  We have classes held in rooms that were designed for storage and clerical tasks. 

We have students eating lunch outside or in hallways.  We have an award-winning arts magnet (Marrington Middle) that cannot hold performances, or seat parents for Open House. 

It's time to replace trailers with classrooms.  There are children today who have never had an actual brick-and-mortar classroom.

We can do better for our kids.  Public schools are a gift from one generation to the next.  Please support the School Improvement Referendum.

EdFirstSC registering and mobilizing voters to get the job done for Berkeley County's students.


Join EdFirstSC at no cost if you have not done so.