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How It Works


EdFirst Director Patrick Hayes has successfully engaged with state and local officials for over a decade, mobilizing thousands to lend their support to a variety of initiatives. 

He is best known for his work with our petition campaign, Restore Teacher Salaries.


We’ll show you how making a difference can be easy, fun, and fulfilling.  Members get the tools and information they need to advocate effectively.

 Our strength is in numbers.

  • You give us your email address. 

  • We tell you what's happening with education issues and what you can do to have an impact. 

  • Together, we follow through.

When elected officials hear that we represent well over 10,000 members, they become very attentive.  When they are inundated with thousands of calls and emails, they become very responsive.

We have 51,000 teachers in SC, a million parents, and countless community members who value education.  Nine thousand members is the floor, not the ceiling. 

When all of us speak with one voice, we’ll have the last word every time.