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INCREDIBLE Victories for Teachers & Kids

on Fri, 08/09/2013 - 14:03

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Over the last year, EdFirstSC has been empowering people who care about education.  Members receive newsletters that keep them up to date on education issues and make it easy to contact policymakers. 

This simple formula for change has produced astounding results...

Gutting of Class-Size Limits: DOA

EdFirstSC: 3         Mick Zais: 0

Don't they call that a TKO?  No matter.

In Nov. 2014, we're going for the KNOCKOUT.

Retention Without Intervention STOPPED
…by EdFirstSC & Sen. Brad Hutto

You may recognize that name.  It was on the top of our call list for this campaign. 

This bill was widely considered inevitable.  Thank you Sen. Hutto and everyone who reached out!!! 

Kids should not be retained on a test score alone, and teachers should not have to pay up to $4,800 for mandatory training. 

EdFirstSC: 2        Mick Zais: 0

Charleston Teacher Salaries RAISED, Pre-K  EXPANDED, Computer Labs STAFFED
CCSD teachers will receive a 1.4% raise above their step increase!  Other issues made progress despite shortsighted board members.

This builds on the work EdFirstSC did last year to secure a 2-step increase and 2% raise.

Don’t believe the hype: this glass is more than half-full.  The Senate reaffirmed that they would not support broad voucher initiatives.

Parent-Trigger STOPPED

Sen. Ford’s parting gift to the school privatization industry was rejected.  No word on the reaction from his other “gift” recipients

Poor Howard Rich.  He lost a good man.  I wonder how he felt when he heard where his $6,000 donation went.

Gov. Appointment of State Supt. DEFEATED
You still get to vote for State Superintendent, despite the wishes of Gov. Haley & Supt-for-Now Zais. 

EdFirstSC & The SCEA: nobody else was on the field. 

Education Funding BOOSTED
Lobbyists were told they were “nuts” when they asked for an increase.  That’s why you need activists, too.  25,000 emails + 500 phone calls = $175 million.

Zais Evaluation Plan STOPPED
He’s still pretending this didn’t happen.

Sorry, buddy.  You don’t get to grade teachers A-F based on test scores of kids they’ve never even met.
He’s still pilot testing, and hoping for a rematch.  Ready when you are, Mick.

EdFirstSC: 1                  Mick Zais: 0 

Berkeley School Bond PASSED
An uphill climb for something that should have been obvious.  Glad to have helped.

Candidates ENDORSED
“Hi Senator.  We spoke about your endorsement back in October.”  Never gets old.

EdFirstSC will continue to endorse members of both parties, strictly on the basis of what they are willing and able to do to advance public education.

Sumter Waiver DENIED
Sumter was one of only two districts that had the gall to request a waiver from mandatory step-increases after years of salary freezes.

The SCEA led the charge on getting it squashed, and we were right there with them.

With The SCEA's support, courageous Sumter teachers recently enjoyed the pleasure of driving Supt. Randy Bynum out of town after two years of destructive policies, harassment, and intimidation.

I had the pleasure of congratulating him on his retirement (video).  He's on the left.

Haley Teacher Salary Veto OVERRIDDEN
You’re a Republican governor with a Republican legislature in a conservative state.  What does it say when only three legislators uphold your budget veto? 

When Sen. Lee Bright is one of the three, it’s not flattering.

Step-Increases RESTORED
The legislature left the salary freeze in place despite a billion dollar surplus. 

Our campaign launched on Monday.  By Thursday, we had a budget amendment that secured over $40 million for South Carolina teachers.


Join EdFirstSC at no cost if you have not done so.  Please use the Donate button (right) to keep our organization strong.

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