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Major Victory: State Board Rejects Evaluation Plan. Zais Blames EdFirstSC Email Campaign

on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 18:34

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Zais Blames EdFirstSC & The SCEA for a Massive Defeat

Facing defeat, State Supt. Mick Zais refused to put his teacher evaluation plan up for a vote. 

In response, the State Board passed a resolution rejecting key elements of the plan, and directing him to work with The SCEA and other education groups to create a better one.

That turned on the Charm Machine.  For eleven minutes, Zais lashed out at the board for caving in to groups leading email campaigns and handing out flyers at meetings (the fiends!), for the sole purpose of scaring people.

That's when I got up and gave a calm, reasoned defense of teacher input.

OK, that's not actually true (video).

Zais is going to continue beta testing the plan the board has rejected, since nobody can make him stop.  This is bad news for SIG schools.

He's hoping to bring his plan back in another year or two, in search of a more cooperative board.  Good luck, Mick.

Thank you to everyone who emailed (ALL 20,000 OF YOU!!!), and to the State Board for listening to our concerns!



Join EdFirstSC at no cost if you have not done so.